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Wellington Digital News hopes to supply its readers with the most up to date advancements in today’s technology. We aim to tell you what’s new, what works and where to get it.

Our team scour the net nonstop for updates and news so that you can be the first to know. We aim to get the latest models of phones, computers, games consoles and all other tech and review it first hand as soon as it is released.

Do you need help shopping for a gadget? Let us know. We could help you find the best model at the best price. When it comes to shopping for technology, it can be a scary market. In most cases prices are high and in store sales teams talk more jargon than sense. If you are having a hard time finding the right product or are unsure of how much to spend, Wellington Digital News has the answers for you.

Email us at info@thewellingtonnews.co.uk for more information. For jargon free technical help Wellington Digital News is your friendly resource.

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Wellington Digital News aims to provide you with the latest updates in the digital world.

Our team of technology experts are always up to date in industry movements and have special access to inside knowledge.

If you want to know what is next in the world of tech, come to us.

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